Welcome to Jawa

Hi! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Jawa community. We’re here because we want to build a better marketplace for PC enthusiasts. We’re sick of scalpers, we’re wary of scammers, and we want a home that celebrates the art and craft of PC building. 

We’ve distilled our reason for being into three simple goals. If we stick to these, we know we can build a great future with you. 

  • A community where every PC enthusiast can find the parts that they need and the resources to help them on their journey.
  • A marketplace built on real gamers’ feedback and experiences, with buyers and sellers who believe that community should be healthy, not predatory.
  • A resource to learn more about optimizing what you have, how your parts work together, and help newbies navigate the complications of their first build. 

After months of hard work, our beta is underway and we’d love for you to join it. As an early user, you can help us inform what Jawa will become. You can also Join the >1000 of Jawas on our Discord

Happy building!

Jawa CEO

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