7/21/21 Jawa Beta Technical Update: Bug fixes and improvements we’re making

Hello! Thank you for being one of our early users and helping us build the site. Like a great game in early access (hopefully!), we want your feedback to improve. The below may seem like a lot of information, but we want to be as transparent as possible with Jawa! This is how we start.

As a reminder, the quickest way to get in touch and share your feedback is by joining our Discord.

A note on timing: some of the below changes will be done in a few days, some in a few months. I’ll be posting weekly blogs with updates on what’s been fixed so you’re as close to this as we are. 

Biggest user feedback:

  1. Fix messaging, you fools!

We have a messaging system in Jawa but we are hearing that it is way too confusing to be useful. Here’s what we’re doing to fix that:

  1. Buyers should now receive notification alerts on Jawa (yeah…that was an oversight. Our bad!)
  2. Adding email alerts to buyers and sellers when you have a message on Jawa
  3. Combining the product listing and buyer inbox. There is no reason to have two different locations for messages

2. Payment. We’re making this better.

We have heard good things about Stripe, but know that the onboarding process is extensive. Here’s what we’re doing:

  1. We are moving the Stripe onboarding process to later in the user experience. Only when you sell a product and want to collect your money will you have to set up your Stripe account
  2. We’ve heard you want to see some other payment options. We agree, but this will probably be a medium-term addition we tackle in a few months. Bear with us! We’ll get there.

3. Shipping. We’re shipping these problems to hell!

Lots of improvements coming here:

  1. Buyers will be able to get estimated shipping price based on their location and the seller’s location from the product listing page (and you will no longer need to enter the shipping price before knowing where you are shipping to….phew)
  2. We are integrating with Shippo, so that sellers will be able to print shipping labels from home, and buyers can see the status of their order within Jawa

3. Design. It’s a work in progress

Thanks for giving us a heads up on design bugs! Here’s our list of fixes:

  1. We added a Jawa Verified Seller badge, but we know it’s impacted some formatting on the search page
  2. Seller profile pages look different when you are editing them vs when they are published
  3. Product listing pages need better formatting for images, you should also be able to drag and drop images into the listing
  4. I do want to point out that we’ve gotten a lot of love for having the specs autopopulate as you are adding listings 🙂 

5. Unsexy Stuff

  1. We found out that many of our order confirmation emails are being routed to spam 😦
  2. We need to change to Firebase image preprocessing to help images load faster

Anything I missed? Please let us know! We are learning so much from the Beta test and are SO GRATEFUL that you are joining us on our journey to build you an amazing marketplace and community of PC enthusiasts.  

Happy building,

Jawa Amanda

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