7/21/21 Jawa Trade Talk

Hey Jawas! Here’s your PC hardware news for the week. It’s crazy times we’re livin in…

This is hard to watch

  • In the theme of crackdowns all over the world on bitcoin mining operations – Malaysia charged eight people for stealing electricity to power a mining operation involving over one thousand PCs, apparently a common trend in the country these days. They then posted a video of the destruction of said PCs. Worry not – not all countries are destroying the parts! This is an oddly satisfying watch, though. (HEADPHONE WARNING)

Amazon being an asshole? Why are we not surprised…

  • The closed beta for Amazon’s New World has gone live,and players who have systems equipped with RTX 3090 graphics cards are having their gaming rigs ruined when playing the upcoming MMORPG. More here

Thanks for the submission, TopoX!

Chagall rumors

  • Rumors are starting up about the newest AMD Threadripper line. Codenamed “Chagall” currently, it is supposedly launching in August. The Threadripper line is a favorite of extreme overclockers and should have a very high demand in the high-end gaming crowds. More info here

Sights set on MSRP

  • On July 20th, Best Buy had massive lines at many locations for their in-store drops of 30-series cards. This should hopefully create some supply at reasonable prices since bots can’t swipe them, and our very own user Amélie got themselves a 3060ti! A welcome bright spot after a bad experience through eBay. Soon enough it will be through Jawa instead 🙂 

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