Meet Jawa Verified Seller, Rand!

Meet Rand, one of our awesome Jawa Verified Sellers!

Rand is one of our favorite sellers because he truly embodies what Jawa stands for. He celebrates the art and craft of PC building with his unique parts and rigs, like this Sleeper PC he sold a few months ago. He is also a huge contributor to the Jawa community: he helps newbies list or price their parts on Jawa, advises people on our #tech-support Discord channel, and is committed to fair and transparent pricing.

By the looks of Rand’s builds and insane tech knowledge, you’d never know that he only recently got into PC building and gaming! He did play PC games when he was younger, but just settled for an Xbox growing up 😉 He rediscovered the joy of PC gaming when he was inspired by the nostalgia from older PC cases from the early/mid 2000’s.

Rand’s first build is a Ryzen 5800x system with a RTX 3070 in an old Dell case. He just switched everything over from an old Dell case to this fractal meshify mini c (check out the big reveal below).

soooo satisfying

Make sure to check back often to check for new parts and builds at Rand’s PC Parts and Sleepers store on Jawa. And email us at if you’d like to sell on Jawa as a Jawa Verified Seller!