A big announcement: we’re open for business

Big news Jawas!

We’re opening the Jawa Beta to *everyone*. We’re not charging any seller fees and we’re covering all payment processing during the first few months, so get in here: you can make more money with us right now than anywhere else!

Almost a year ago we set out to build a better marketplace for PC enthusiasts. We were tired of the inefficiencies and frustrations of the current marketplace options and of course we’d had run-ins with scalpers and scammers. We spent many months building Jawa so PC enthusiasts could buy and sell good parts from honest people at fair prices.

For the past two months, we’ve been testing our site with real people, finding bugs, connecting buyers and sellers, and serving our first happy customers. We knew we weren’t the only ones who wanted something better, but we didn’t realize just HOW fast the community would grow. Through the collective power of our Jawas we proved:

  • Yes, people WILL sell their graphics card at MSRP if they know its getting into the hands of a real gamer or enthusiast (we heard a lot of skepticism on this, but it’s true…it really is!). 
  • The community wants to be central to the building process, not just a customer using a finished product. The dozens of bugs reported, features requested, and feedback given through our Discord server make this really a group-built product (well, you guys can take credit for all the stuff that works, at least).
  • PC enthusiasts are generous and social! It’s about more than just logging onto a website and making a purchase. They want to know who they’re buying from or selling to, and want to help other builders by answering questions in our Discord #tech-support channel, or showing off their rigs

We would love your support

Now that we’ve tested and refined our site, we’re ready to open up our platform and community in a big way. We want Jawa to be THE destination for PC enthusiasts to buy and sell their parts and builds, and we need your help getting there. 

Buy with us

Click here to browse our sellers’ incredible wares. New marketplaces take time for supply to grow, so please log on, give us feedback, and check back often…we are always onboarding new sellers!

Sell with us

We’re really looking for Jawas to list and sell on our platform. During the Beta we are not charging ANY transaction fees, are covering the Stripe fee for you, and offer unbeatable seller protections. You’re going to make more money selling on Jawa than you will anywhere else in the next few months (because we’re not charging fees). We want to win you over and make ourselves your go-to place to sell. So please list with us.

I look forward to helping you buy and sell!

CHECK OUT JAWA NOW: https://www.jawa.gg

Yours in parts,

Jawa Amanda

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