Jawa Trade Talk 08/12/21

AMD killing it

  • AMD reported a 99% growth in year over year earnings, an impressive leap for the already huge company. Will this help us average gamers by promoting more competition between the giants?

DDR5 Mass Production

  • SK Hynix will officially be the first to start mass producing DDR5 RAM, so let the race begin! They will be starting mass production before the end of the year, so enthusiasts can start stocking up while they wait for compatible motherboards.

ASUS removing Windows 11 headaches

  • ASUS motherboards that need it will be receiving a BIOS firmware update to enable TPM by default, a requirement for Windows 11. This is a capability in may of their motherboards currently as well as in a ton of CPUs. The problem is that you have to manually turn it on in the current iteration. Info here

Intel Alder Pond?

  • Expect the launch of the Intel Alder Lake launch to be quite lean. It seems that the company is having issues getting more than the K and KF chipsets going in the short term, with the rest not arriving until next year.

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