Jawa Verified Seller: Mountain Man PCs

Shawn, aka Mountain Man PCs, and one of his builds listed on Jawa

Every month we feature some of our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. Shawn is a relatively new member who we scouted from Instagram 🙂 But he has jumped in and proven a valuable contributor immediately. You can find him on Discord helping out other members with tech questions and price checks, or giving us a peek into the life of a hardcore PC enthusiast (like scoring a 3080 after camping out at a Best Buy).

Tell us a bit about the guy behind Mountain Man PCs

My name is Shawn and I am an avid Pc enthusiast, outdoors man and Sportsman. I love both staying inside to build computers, to game or watch movies, as well as get outside to hike, hunt, camp, fish and play sports.

What do you do in the world of PC building or PC parts in general?

I love building PCs with a bit more of a focus on the aesthetic on the computer than pure price to performance. That being said, I’m not going to spend an extra 400 dollars on what would be a 500 dollar pc to make it look good, but I am a firm believer that an extra few dollars can take a computer’s looks to the next level!

Tell us about your favorite games and PC gaming experiences

I play games but not a ton. I do play a lot of Call of Duty, a lot of which is in the Zombies game mode, because I’m far from being good at multiplayer. Being a big sports fan as well I do play more than my fair share of fifa madden and sometimes NBA 2k and Rocket league. I do also have a soft spot of games with a bit of a survival element such as Minecraft or more recently Valheim.

What’s your most memorable PC building experience?

Hard to beat your 1st computer as being most memorable. It was pure bang for your buck, and I loved it. I accidently switched the power and reset front panel connectors, and when I fixed them, I unplugged something else because the PC no longer worked. I took it apart and rebuilt it and thankfully it was all systems go, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

When did you get into PC hardware building and optimizing?

I am pretty new to the scene, starting in June of 2020. Rest assured though, I am approaching my 50th PC build. So experience won’t be much of an issue.

Who are some people who made a difference to you in this community?

Amanda was actually the one who reached out to me on Instagram. I was extremely skeptical at 1st, who isn’t of random Instagram DM’s asking you to buy into their business? The big thing for me was the discord server where people like Rand and others greeted me and helped talk to me and made me feel more comfortable here at Jawa.

Check out Mountain Man PC’s store on Jawa, and follow him on Instagram to see his latest builds