Jawa is here to help!

Like most in the PC building community, we’ve been aware of the apparent collapse at Artesian Builds (as detailed pretty comprehensively in PC Gamer). Obviously, it’s a disaster for the employees, streamers and others who relied on the company. And it’s bad news for everyone in PC building – as a community, we are all affected by this kind of fall out. 

But we’re not here to talk about what went wrong. We’re here to help.

If you are affected by Artesian – if you worked for the company, if you were looking to them as a streamer for promos, if you were counting on getting an order from them, if you were building for them, whatever it may be  – contact me at Amanda@jawa.gg to see if there’s some way we can work together. 

We need to grow our company and get our message in front of more builders and gamers. We’re looking for ways to work with streamers, builders, sellers and others – which means we might have opportunities that could help you if you’ve found yourself in a tough spot. 

There’s a number of possibilities of that could make sense. Write me and we can talk. Let’s see if there’s some way we can work together.

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