The Sandcrawler 4/04/22

Greetings Jawas,

This week on the Discord: a price drops announcement channel was added, a new giveaway was announced, much overclocking advice was given, and pangloss#8467 logged 9 updates and fixes to the Jawa site.

Read on for details, and join the conversation.

[πŸ›Έ] minecraft-chat

Did you know Jawa has a Minecraft server?

This week, biomes were searched for, cactuses were traded for diamonds, and @DeatheTech swapped out the RAM.

[πŸš€] overclocking-help

Hey, I’ve got a i7 10700f and was wondering if using throttlestop to undervolt it would be good? Currently running at 60Β°C

Community Answer from Matt (REVCORP PC): If it’s running at those temps you are still in the green. 75 to 85 is the yellow zone I say for temps.

Undervolting has its benefits and can increase performance but with your situation it’s something I wouldn’t do.

Undervolting and overclockikg are features you should consider if you’re trying to stretch out the lifespan of your pc or gpu.

read the full conversation here >

[🌐] giveaways

We’ve teamed up with another content creator, Too Much Tech, for a gaming mouse giveaway!

Want to know the SUPERIOR gaming mouse on the market? Want to just flex on your friends by being able to say “Yo, my mouse is 🐐 tier” then here you go, watch the video to find out where your mouse stacks up against the comp πŸ‘€

check out the collab here >

[🌐] new-drops

There were 47 new listings dropped this week. Some of the highlights:

Intel Core i5 4570 // Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 // 16GB 1600MHz β€” $485.00
Gaming PC by Gaming Workstations.

get it here >

Intel Core i3-12100F β€” $145.00
Brand new in box Intel Core i3-12100F. Intel made this thing a budget beast. It can outperform a Ryzen 5 3600 and Intel Core i5-11400 in pretty much every benchmark program and game you run them through. If you want a budget CPU that can run with DDR5 RAM, look no further than this CPU.

get it here >

Rainbow Magic APU 5700g Build β€” $675.00
Rainbow Magic is a decent budget entry level computer, with the ability to add a high performing gpu down the road.

get it here>

[🌐] patch-notes


Updated site chat messenger icon – set position to match “scroll to top” button

Fixed scroll to top button not returning to bottom of screen when navigating away from product pages on mobile


Updated search UX: now with infinite scroll instead of pagination. Desktop filter sidebar now moves along with scrolling for easier access. Search result grid layout has also been refined to show more product cards while keeping them relatively large.

Fixed bug where featured listing cards weren’t clickable on desktop


Added price-drops channel! Listings with a price drop of at least 5% will get posted there.

Fixed bug where listings would get re-posted to price-drops anytime they were edited


Potential fix for issue where product listings would redirect to the homepage on first page load

Added nicer 404 and 500 error pages

Added some performance enhancements on the database

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