Jawa Verified Seller: PCsbyThomas

PCs by Thomas, and three of his builds sold on Jawa

Hi! Welcome back to our Featured Seller series where we interview our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. Thomas has been one of the most prolific sellers on Jawa with over twenty sold systems and he currently holds the record for most expensive system sold on Jawa! You can find both him and his listings on Jawa and in the Jawa Discord where he helps out as one of our moderators.

Tell us who you are and how you would describe yourself?

I’m a 21 year old PC enthusiast who loves messing around with random hardware configurations and turned that into a business. I also have an affinity for electric cars and love making content about their features. 

What do you do in the world of PC building or PC parts in general? 

I am a small scale system integrator, who works to get good deals to pass along so other people can benefit from great discounts on computers. 

When did you start selling on Jawa and how did you find out about us?

I started selling on Jawa in November 2021. A friend introduced me to the site. 

Is this a part time gig, full time job, or hobby for you?

It is currently a part time gig, but I’d love to switch it to a full time job if it can sustain that. Although, I’m not sure I have the self motivation for that. I have a different full time job and I’m also working on expanding my Youtube portfolio. 

How would you describe your style when it comes to your builds?

I go for a simple yet elegant appearance to my builds. I love using RGB components because they can be set to whatever the user desires. I feel that some people place too much emphasis on aesthetics over performance. I tend to be performance focused at a given price point, but if clients wish for aesthetic upgrades, I’m always happy to accommodate. 

You have the record for most expensive build sold on Jawa! How do you find the buyers for your builds (if you don’t mind sharing your secrets)?

I list PCs on my facebook business page and Jawa. Over the past few years of being a business, I’ve grown a large facebook following. Not everyone is close enough for me to deliver or meet for the sale so the computer needs to get shipped. When that happens, I run all my sales through Jawa for the convenience and low fees. This allows me to reach a wider audience which I am very grateful for because without Jawa I wouldn’t have the opportunity to ship my computers across the country comfortably. 

Are you a Linus Tech Tips or Steve from GN kinda guy?

I find myself watching LTT more, but I am currently wearing merch from both of them. I’ve bought significant amounts of merch from both of them. 

What’s your most memorable PC building experience? 

I can’t single any out honestly. They all have their own little quirks and I’ve had a lot of fun building them all. 

What is your favorite build for sale on Jawa right now (yours or another seller’s)?

Project SnowWhite. I loved working with the all white components and as stated before, I don’t tend to drive deeply into aesthetics so it was fun to go the opposite route on this build.

Project SnowWhite

Who are some people who made a difference to you in the PC community?

My parents – they first had a computer built for me when I was three and helped me get many laptops through the years. They’ve helped me flourish with my online interests such as gaming or streaming and supported my business ideas. 

Favorite Jawa emote?