Jawa Verified Seller: MaharliKaps

Aiyuki of MaharliKaps along with some of her favorite caps!

Hi! Welcome back to our Featured Seller series where we interview our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. This week we interviewed Aiyuki of MaharliKaps who has made lots of custom keycaps including an awesome Jawa themed set! Check out her and her listings on Jawa and in the Jawa Discord.

Tell us who you are and how you would describe yourself?

My name is Aiyuki, I am an Artisan Keycap Artist Wannabe. Owner of MaharliKaps. I like games, keyboard & computers. I started making keycaps because I saw that I can’t afford them, so I made one for myself and people told me to sell them, So I did ^^

What do you do in the world of PC building or PC parts & accessories in general? 

I cannot disclose where I work but I work closely with computer hardware. I particularly love keyboards.

When did you start selling on Jawa and how did you find out about us?

07/07/2022, it’s funny cause I think July is always a good Month for me every time I start something big for myself 🙂 I found out about Jawa through Flipping Central Team.

Is this a part time gig, full time job, or hobby for you?

It’s started as a hobby, now if people love my keycaps I can consider this as part time gig and eventually be a full time job if ever that comes in time ^^

How would you describe your style when it comes to your builds(Or items)?

I’d say I like customizing and cutesy stuffs

Are you a Linus Tech Tips or Steve from GN kinda guy?

Hmm not sure, I’m not a fan of youtubers. But if you make me want to choose from either of them I’d say I like Steven from GN.

What’s your most memorable PC building/creating/ or gaming experience? 

Being a clan leader of a big clan in Last Oasis when it first launched.

What is your favorite build or part for sale on Jawa right now (yours or another seller’s)?

Hmmm. there isn’t really a favorite per say, I guess I like photos of BTB & Demonmit1

Who are some people who made a difference to you in this community (Jawa or PC gaming in general)?

All the admins Special mention to flipping central team, RobE for always buying my stuff, Deathe for suggesting the Jawa Keycap and purchasing all the time, and all the mods. 

Favorite Jawa emote?

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