A Stacked Spec Sheet by Tustin Systems

Back this week with yet another all white and super clean build, this time it’s a Ryzen 5 5600X + RTX 3070 build from Tustin Systems. This seller is on fire lately and is of course rocking not just the Jawa Verified badge, but the Founder’s badge as well so you know they’re legit. Don’t judge this build just off the CPU and GPU combo though, there’s a lot more to love.

Favorite Features:

  • Entire Spec Sheet – Like I said, there’s a lot to love in this build. The 5600X and RTX 3070 can certainly get the job done for some 1440p gaming action, but I love that there’s also a bigger 1TB NVMe drive, 32GB of RAM, and even a 750W EVGA GQ power supply so you can make upgrades later if you want to. This spec sheet is stacked from top to bottom.
  • Gaming Workhorse – Because of the extra specs, this build would be perfect for people that aren’t just gaming with their PCs, but also getting productivity work done such as coding or content creation. It’s also pretty professional looking if you set the RGBs to white, but then you know it can party with all the colors at night too.
  • Clean AF – Pretty much a requirement for Zach’s Friday Feature at this point, but this is certainly another beauty. I love that Tustin Systems included 6 ARGB fans for not just maximum airflow inside the Lancool 205M, but also it gives complete RGB control to the buyer. You’ll also have color customization on the CPU Cooler fan and OLOy RAM sticks as well. Perfectly done.

Price to Performance Value:

Despite “only” having a 5600X and RTX 3070, there’s actually a ton of price to performance on today’s build. The 3070 doesn’t sound great in a $1375 build, but again, you need to consider the entire stacked spec sheet. If you’re looking for pure gaming performance with the fastest CPU and GPU combo you could certainly find better value elsewhere, but if you’re looking for the total package then this is tough to beat. For a comparison with the new Starforge Systems company founded by some content creators, their $1350 Horizon Pro PC has about similar performance specs but a significantly worse aesthetic presence.

First Upgrades:

There isn’t a single component that needs immediate replacing on this one, but your options are actually wide open. That 750W power supply can certainly handle a beefier graphics card if you want to, but honestly I would keep this system as is and just enjoy its beauty. For a minor tweak, don’t be afraid to cut your own custom PSU extension combs to combine the 2 8 pin connectors going into the graphics card. (Use 24 pin combs and cut them down to 16).


Tustin Systems has continued selling some really solid looking PCs over the past few months and this one will certainly be added to the mix soon. If you’re on a tighter budget, be sure to review their storage page for some more options as well!

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One thought on “A Stacked Spec Sheet by Tustin Systems

  1. Respectfully, if you were to build your own system you could do better parts wise. You could easily get a used 3080 in this budget as those are $600 or less now. The 5600x is soon to be outdated, and you can get great deals on a 5800x ($250, same price as a 5700x). A B450 motherboard is 4 years old, you can definitely get a B550m. The ram is slow at 3200mhz, Ryzen wants at leas 3600mhz. The 750w psu is overpriced, the same model in an 850w version is $30 less (on sale). So I disagree, this isn’t a great build parts wise given the ever-falling gpu prices and new Ryzen chipset coming out. Congrats to whoever bought it, it looks very neat and tidy, but you can do much better AND save some money.


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