Not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR bangers!

Wow. Gaming Workstations just laid down the hammer on our Jawa platform this week by dropping FOUR builds with virtually the same parts but they all have a different fire color scheme so there’s something for everyone. All four of these builds are based around the Ryzen 5 3500X and RX 6600 inside the Fara H1M case and I absolutely love the variety and choices for potential buyers. Let’s check them out!

Favorite Features:

Pick Your Favorite – We definitely need to talk about the color schemes first. The parts list is almost identical for all four of these builds, but the differences are in the color of the RGB case fans and custom paint jobs on some of the parts. I absolutely love to see sellers like this custom painting the stock AMD coolers (pink, white, and blue), the M.2 coolers, and they also painted some of the graphics cards to match the color schemes as well. These are truly works of art!

Ryzen 5 3500X – I’ve said it for years now, but the 3500X is an extremely slept-on CPU. It’s virtually the same as the highly coveted 3600, except it doesn’t have hyper threading. In most titles, this results in negligible differences for FPS, and if you’re trying to buy a pure gaming machine then it’s a perfect way to save some money. It still has 6 cores over 4GHz which is fantastic!

Detail – There’s so much attention to detail in all four of these builds that I don’t know where to start. The custom paint jobs on the graphics card specifically are amazing. The cable management is pulled as tight as possible for an ultra clean look. And even the M.2 SSD covers are painted to match the color schemes. Incredible.

Price to Performance Value:

To be blatantly honest, price to performance doesn’t really matter with a build like this. These are purely all about the aesthetics and these probably won’t appeal to pure price to performance snobs. These builds are targeting people that want something amazing and pretty to look at on their desk every single day, and I promise these builds will deliver on that! Most prebuilt manufactures don’t even compete at this $900-$940 price range anyway, but absolutely none of them can compete in terms of aesthetics.

First Upgrades:

There’s one glaring upgrade that needs to be made for all of these builds, and that’s of course cable extensions. I can see why the seller decided not to include them (except the white/pink build has some extensions) which was probably to keep the cost at the $900 mark, but this would certainly be where I would put my money first. If you added blue, pink, or white extensions to these builds that would take them from a 9.9/10 to a perfect 10 out of 10!


This is a bomb and mic drop from Gaming Workstations. I personally love to see this type of creativity being showcased on our marketplace and I hope this inspires others to do the same. These 4 builds won’t last on the market long, and their new owners will certainly be enjoying their new beauties on their desks for years to come.

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