Jawa Fee Update

Dear Jawa Sellers, 

At Jawa, we’re focused on building the best place for you to sell your gear, build your business, and connect with other gamers. We’ve seen fantastic traction since launching just over a year ago. To keep up with our growing marketplace, we’ve invested in many features to make the Jawa experience better for buyers and sellers, including:

  • Helping you sell your gear through paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and sharing featured listings with our large email database
  • Limiting sellers’ fraud exposure by investing in premium features to evaluate fraud risk on every attempted payment
  • Building a seamless shipping experience with prepaid shipping labels and tracking
  • Staffing a best-in-class customer support team dedicated to your success
  • Launching Affirm so that buyers have access to products from a wider price range through payment financing

In the coming months, we plan to make significant additional investments in marketing, on-site experience, seller tools, and customer support so that we can continue to make Jawa the go-to destination for gamers to find their gear. 

To support this goal, on December 7 we will increase our selling fee from 3.5% to 6% and remove the $50 cap on this fee. There will continue to be an additional 3% for payment processing, which includes Affirm financing when applicable. You can see our full updated Fees and Payments policy in our terms of service.

We don’t take fee changes lightly and arrived at this decision carefully, but view it as a necessary step to invest in the success of our sellers and community, which are the core of our business. We believe we still offer the best value in the market, and that with your help Jawa will continue to be a trusted and growing marketplace.

As mentioned above, this change will come with additional benefits to sellers. Some of our upcoming plans include:

  • Holiday marketing campaigns to drive more traffic and sales to your stores during the hottest shopping period of the year
  • Prizes and rewards for top sellers
  • Additional seller analytics to help you glean insights and grow your business 
  • Integration with Google shopping to provide more visibility to your items
  • Improvements to buyer search and discoverability on our site
  • Growing our team that supports you and your buyers

Thank you for making Jawa a one of a kind marketplace. We wouldn’t be here without you.

CEO, Jawa