Holiday Shipping Deadlines

With the Christmas fast approaching if you want an order to arrive before the holidays it is imperative that you place the order in time for the seller to get it to the shipping carrier in time for it to get to you before Christmas. We have put together a list of the times you have to have your order placed by in order to receive it in time for it to go under the tree! You can read the full article from Shippo here but we have curated the options we use here


Domestic Service Level
2022 Holiday Shipping Deadlines
USPS Retail Ground® ServiceMonday, Dec. 12, 2022
USPS First Class Mail® and First-Class Package Service®Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022
USPS Priority Mail®Thursday Dec 15, 2022
The projected times only apply to the lower 48 states, please see next chart for Alaska and Hawaii

DestinationFirst-Class Mail® and First-Class Package ServicePriority Mail® ServiceUSPS Retail Ground® Service
AlaskaDecember 15December 15December 2
HawaiiDecember 14December 14N/A


UPS Shipping ServiceLast Day to Ship
UPS® Ground ShippingBased on Location
UPS 3 Day Select®December 16, 2022

5 tips to appeal to buyers and boost your sales this holiday season

Our goal at Jawa is to give boutique sellers and PC builders like you a platform to grow your business. We have so many incredible sellers who make their Jawa page into their very own online storefront – adding their own style, personality, and of course listing gaming gear that buyers love. We’ve learned from top Jawa sellers and listings and are sharing 5 tips to help you ramp up your sales this holiday season:

1. Customize your storefront

Buyers want to know who they are buying from and that they can trust you. Here are a few ways to make your storefront look professional and inviting:

  • Add a profile pic, banner, bio, and store name in your settings.
    • (FYI the banner dimensions are 1248 x 292. Not an artist? Canva makes it easy to get pretty good looking designs!)
  • Here are some of our favorite stores that you can use as inspo!
    • Oyako PC | 親子PC – Oyako provides their personal backstory and details. This gives a sense of who they are and how they source parts, creating confidence in their quality control
    • PC LAB LLC – using a professional looking logo and a well thought out description helps buyers get to know and trust you as a seller 

2. Develop a unique photo style

Having a consistent and differentiated photo style can make your Jawa storefront look clean and professional. Some good examples are:

  • BitRemedy uses a standard blue background for their listing photos and a red background for their “For Repair” listings
  • Gaming Workstations & Services’s PC pics are usually in front of a black and white checkered background

3. Take high quality photos!

Speaking of photos, one of THE best ways to get your listing noticed and sold  (especially for PCs) is to take high quality photos. Here are some tips:

  • For PCs, take a picture from the “Hero Position” (not sure if ZTT coined this, but he advocates for this a lot!)
  • Use portrait mode if you’re taking pictures on your phone 
  • Remove the glass side panel so you don’t get those ugly reflections
  • Use either natural sunlight or artificial lights on either side of the PC
  • Clean up your background so the buyer only focuses on the build
  • Ensure the entire PC / listing is in the frame

Mountain Man PC and Gtech, take consistently great photos – check out their past listings for inspiration and to see the “hero position” in action 

4. Give the people what they want!

With the holidays coming up, now is the time to list giftable items. Here’s some data to help inform you of what people are looking for and what sells quickly!

5. Share on social 

Your potential buyers are likely scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, so you definitely want them to know about your business and make it easy for them to support you! 

  • Put your Jawa store link in your bio so they can easily find your listings
  • Share your listings, especially in stories (you can easily insert a link to the listing on an Insta story)
  • Create reels and stories showing off your listings, or even the packaging for your sold listings that are ready to be shipped out

We created downloadable and easy to use templates for you here

Jawa Seller Battle Royale

The Holidays are fast approaching!

Speaking from experience nothing is better than a competition among friends to spice up any game. So this holiday season we are bringing a competition to the Jawa seller community: Jawa Seller Battle Royale! Like any competitive game we are going to have a leader board to track who is on top and see how standings have changed week over week. In addition to a grand prize, we’ll give out prizes for the top sellers each week!

The Tournament:

Ranking will be determined by total dollar value of your sales during the Battle Royale!

Sales from 11/4/22 to 12/30/22 will be counted for the overall Battle Royale. We’ll also give prizes every Friday to the top 3 sellers of each individual week! The leader board will be updated each Friday so you can see your improvement week over week. Winners of the Battle Royale will be announced in an event after the 12/30/22 end date once the final numbers are all in!


Weekly Prizes: The top 3 sellers each week will win a $20 Jawa gift card.

Grand Prize: After December 30th we’ll tally up overall sales from 11/4-12/30. Top winners get the following prizes:

1st place:

$300 Jawa gift card or $250 cash

Seller badge on their seller page

Discord role to accompany the badge

Jawa sticker pack

2nd place:

$150 Jawa gift card or $100 cash

Seller badge on their seller page

Discord role to accompany the badge

Jawa sticker pack

3rd place:

$100 Jawa gift card or $75 cash

Seller badge on their seller page

Discord role to accompany the badge

Jawa sticker pack

The remaining top 10 will each get a $20 Jawa gift card!

Bonus prizes:
$50 Jawa gift card For seller with most listings sold

$50 Jawa gift card for First time sellers who get more than 5 sales (first sold listing after 11/4/22)

Leader board:

Click Here to view the leader board in the discord, it will be updated weekly on Friday by 8pm EST

Here is a preview of what it will look like!

Leader board example

Overall we are super excited about this event and cant wait to see the rankings come in!

As always Thank You for selling with us!

Can Your Gaming PC Run Warzone 2.0?

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is launching on November 16th and it’s one of the most anticipated game launches in this upcoming 2022 holiday season. Over 125 million players participated in Warzone over the last couple of years and most have been anxiously waiting for an overhaul to the game. This upcoming update has huge combat boots to fill, but with the new Al Mazrah map, a complete arsenal of new Modern Warfare II weapons, and over a dozen new vehicles, this is shaping up to be a wild ride.

All of these updates and changes come at a cost though (like everything in life) and you’ll have to pay with gaming PC processing power to fully enjoy the new experience. Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 on PC will not be an easy to run game, and if your PC was struggling to play the first iteration of Warzone then you’ll definitely want to upgrade before dropping in Al Mazrah. Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to upgrade yourself, we’ll have the best gaming PC prebuilt options for you to buy at the end!

Recommended Specs for Warzone 2.0

Activision still hasn’t posted the official recommended or minimum specs for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, but there’s enough information to form some educated guesses for the time being. (We’ll update this article with the official specs once they are released)

Based on the original Warzone required specs which you can find here, we can only assume that Warzone 2.0 will require even higher level components to run smoothly. Again, we’ll update this blog post once the official system requirements are announced by Activision, but we’ll first list out what we think your gaming PC should be running for a smooth experience. We’ll focus on using recent/current generation hardware only.

  • Minimum Specifications
    • CPU: Intel Core i5 10100 or AMD Ryzen 5 3100
    • RAM: 12GB
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650 or Radeon RX 470
  • Recommended Specifications
    • CPU: Intel Core i5 12400 or AMD Ryzen 5 5600
    • RAM: 16GB
    • GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 6600
  • Competitive Specifications
    • CPU: Intel Core i7 12600K or AMD Ryzen 5 7600X
    • RAM: 16GB
    • GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 or Radeon RX 6700

It’s important to note that the Warzone PC requirements above are just educated guesses based off current generation hardware and the expected performance increase from the first version of Warzone. They are also based on 1080p resolution. Your system requirements will differ depending on which resolution and frame rate you wish to achieve, as well as your Warzone PC settings preferences.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II (2022) GPU Benchmarks

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 will be based off the recently launched Modern Warfare II so we can expect a somewhat similar performance requirement, but take this with a grain of salt. Listed below are the benchmarks that Zach’s Tech Turf has ran with budget to mid range graphics cards featuring AMD, NVIDIA, and even Intel models (check out his full video here). Call of Duty Multiplayer has typically been a bit easier to run compared to warzone, but it’s still worth sharing these numbers in case if you’re flirting with the idea of upgrading your graphics card before the November 16th launch.

Here you’ll see that popular budget options such as the GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 970, and RX 580 are still all able to achieve above 60 FPS in 1080p Minimum (100% resolution scale) settings, but since Warzone 2.0 will probably be tougher to run they may fall below this threshold.

Our Recommended Gaming PC Upgrades for Warzone 2.0

If you’re struggling with which components to select for your gaming PC upgrade, then hopefully we can help out a bit here. There are obviously a ton of different options, manufactures, and models to chose from, but depending on the current market prices there’s always a sweet spot in terms of value. Listed below are a few options that we’d recommend for both CPUs and GPUs based on November 2022 pricing in the US.

  • Intel 12100F, 12400F, or 12600K.

For a wide range of budgets, Intel 12th generations CPUs have a huge amount of price to performance value right now. With the launch of Intel’s 13th generation, the price of these 12th generation chips should continue to drop a bit as well as compatible motherboards. These CPUs also are compatible with either DDR4 or DDR5 RAM which is a great flexibility option depending on your budget.

  • AMD RX 6600 and RX 6700XT

Despite what the more casual gamer audience may still be thinking, AMD is actually currently dominating the GPU market in price to performance from top to bottom. Compared to their counterparts like the RTX 3060 and RTX 3070, AMD is offering way better value in terms of frames per dollar. For budget 1080p gaming, the RX 6600 is a great choice as it’s now approaching the $200 mark, but if you’re looking to jump into 1440p then the 6700XT would be a great choice for that. Coming in at less than $400, the 6700XT can achieve really solid FPS numbers in 1440p and with it’s 12GB of VRAM you should be set for a few solid years of gaming. Check out all the GPUs for sale on Jawa here.

  • Power Requirements

Before purchasing a shiny CPU or GPU upgrade, please be aware of your wattage requirement and ensure that your current PSU can handle the upgrade. Otherwise you’ll have to add one to the shopping cart as well! When researching and shopping, it’s always a good idea to start with the renown Cultists Network PSU Tier List and we’d recommend shopping from the Tier A and Tier B sections for any mid range or high level gaming PC. (Please note that additional research is sometimes required, this is just a good starting point).

The Easier Option: Buying a Gaming PC Prebuilt!

Let’s face it, a lot of us simply don’t have the time or desire to learn how to properly upgrade or build a gaming PC. Warzone for PC is definitely one that has people thinking about making the switch, but there are countless amounts of hours required in just the researching phase alone to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Sometimes it’s a more realistic option to simply buy a completed system instead – especially with some of the insane deals for Custom Builds on Jawa. Listed below are a few PC builds that we’d recommend picking up if you’re trying to arm up and be ready for duty in the Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 launch on November 16th.

1080p Gaming PCs

1440p Gaming PCs

Jawa has a ton of other great gaming PCs listed for sale – just search Custom PCs with the tag “Warzone 2.0 Ready!”

See You on the Battlefield

Hopefully you and your gaming PC are now armed and ready for the new Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 launch on November 16th. If you have any questions about buying or building a gaming PC, or if Warzone on PC keeps crashing for you currently, then please join us over in the Jawa Discord server as we have a ton of community members and Jawa staff that are able to help you out!

Jawa Verified Seller: BitRemedy

This crew is not intimidated by e-waste

Hi! Welcome back to our Featured Seller series where we interview our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. This week we interviewed Sean of BitRemedy, whose electronics recycling business lists parts and systems on Jawa! This week he gives us an inside look into the world of electronics recycling!

Tell us a little about who you are and how BitRemedy started? 

My name is Sean, and I’ve always been obsessed with taking things apart ever since I was a young lad. I kept getting in trouble with my parents because I kept “trying to fix” their computers, until they got fed up and gave me a hand-me-down. I used to constantly learn new things about how stuff worked, watched Mythbusters and How It’s Made religiously, and loved to tinker with technology and computers. I also have an unhealthy obsession with arcade games, such as DDR, ITG, IIDX, PIU, and other music/rhythm games – as well as buying and fixing these things too. 

Also being a young adult who saw things in the world I didn’t agree with, and wanting to be a part of the solution, I would often bite off way more than I could chew – and scramble to solve the problem later. This was how I started BitRemedy; I was working IT at my college, saw the ‘e-waste’ that was perfectly good, and took a paycheck and purchased as much ‘e-waste’ as I could to fix up, and give away and sell. Literally started as a garage business, until my parents wanted their parking spaces back and I had to find a place to rent.

Why did you start selling on Jawa and how did you find out about us?

I heard about Jawa from Bitwit on YouTube! I watch tech videos all day during my regular work shifts and when I get home. I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ideas. 

I started to sell on Jawa because I’ve been looking to diversify my business revenue as well as reduce my business’ reliance on eBay. eBay is like a giant steamroller; you have to adapt or get out of the way or you risk getting flattened. Jawa is much more community based and listens. Based on the very first interactions and experiences with customers and the Jawa team, we were “sold” instantly! The Discord community definitely makes a difference. 

As a computer recycler, your business is a bit different than our average Jawa seller. What is something most people probably don’t know about the electronics recycling business? 

1. Electronics recycling is a lot of fun. There’s a surprising amount of electronics that get tossed out because they “don’t work” and are simply old, have a software issue, or might just be unwanted! To quote one of my favorite shows, Trailer Park Boys – “One man’s garbage is another man’s ungarbage”. There are few things more rewarding than fixing something expensive that you got for free. 

2. Electronics recycling takes very little to get started. Simply ask your friends and family if they need help removing any old electronics from their basement or closet, and they’ll be glad you asked! Then you have a ton of old stuff you can sort through, and convert into value for other people. Anything that’s not worth money, you can then sort into and drop off to a local electronics scrap facility. It’s all about persistence. There’s a lot of discarded value in e-waste! 

3. Remember the 3 R’s of recycling; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

4. There is sadly not a lot of regulation in electronics waste disposal. Some states have fines, and some simply don’t have anything. You’d be surprised how many people will throw electronics and batteries into regular trash. Some of this gets caught, but some doesn’t – and now we have piles of electronics with lead and other bad chemicals seeping into the ground because they got tossed into trash, instead of being recycled. Bad stuff. 

How do you measure your impact? How much waste do you help reduce by recycling electronic vs throwing them in the dump? 

We measure our impact by how many pallet cubes we recycle per month. Currently, we average about 18 pallets per month. This number goes up every month, so who knows where we’ll be in a year! 

We process about 200 laptops a month, 200 desktops a month, and about 20 servers a month. We also recycle about 20-30 Televisions (10 CRTs and 10-20 flat screens). About 20-30 people drop off a car load of e-waste per month to our garage door as well. If you average this over a year, that’s 2400+ laptops, 2400+ desktops, about 300 televisions, and about 220+ pallets a year, or about 8 full semi-trailer loads!

Part of our mission is simply education; the more people know that electronics are really really bad to throw into the trash, the better. We love explaining all of the bits of recycling. If we can get people to ask questions, then we’re feeling like we helped plant the seed for wanting to know more.

We get a lot of comments from people saying that they would never buy used gear. How can Jawa help buyers become more comfortable purchasing used or repaired parts, specifically GPUs? 

I would suggest having a standard of testing; such as a list of GPUs and performance metrics, and then a form of validation of the benchmark. 

For example: RTX 3060s should benchmark 12,000 points on some benchmark (say… Passmark), and this list is available to find on the Jawa website. And, for example – I’m selling a 3060 that has been repaired. I can show proof “I ran this benchmark for 24 hours and it scored 11,900 – and my code is JW1234567890GPU” – which is publicly searchable, and shows the serial number of the card along with the score that it benched. 

Possibly a “Jawa Certified Tested” for GPUs, specific benchmark ran for 24 hours that details thermal details every 1 hour, and a score. I think this would be awesome if there was a “badge of trust” for this; something anybody can do, just follow instructions / download software and run it for the prescribed amount of time.

What component would you say makes the most sense to buy used vs new? 

I honestly think that anything makes sense to buy used if the seller can back it up or prove it’s good. To really narrow it down, I say NVME SSD, since those are easily tested – followed by RAM then GPUs. 

To show the flip-side, the products we sell that have the lowest amount of returns are processors, followed by SSDs (both about a 2% return rate, versus average of about 3.5% return rate for most parts).

How would passing Right to Repair impact the gaming gear landscape? Right to Repair would impact the gaming gear landscape immensely. This would lower the cost of refurbished electronics and lower the cost to repair failing parts. Imagine being able to send your out of warranty 1080 Ti for repairs and it only cost $60. One day, you might even be able to visit a local repair shop that’s in your neighborhood; it shouldn’t be a specialty to do soldering repair work. This used to be pretty normal for solder repair to be ubiquitous. 

Gamers are very cost conscious since we’re mostly young people. Young people don’t make a ton of money, and are very careful on what they spend money on. Right to Repair would lower the cost to repair, which would save  money – give more options to individuals (should I repair this or replace it), and it would give a ton of more job opportunities to enterprising people looking to make money fixing stuff. 

One example is to just cite how popular EVGA’s B-Stock store has been over the last 2 years. All of that stuff is recertified/refurbished stuff, and it flew off shelves! 

If you bought a gaming PC using only refurbished parts, you’d probably save 30% off new! I’ve done this dozens of times without problem.

What current trends in the PC / gaming space do you love or hate?

I love the trend of indie games becoming more and more popular. Indie gamers, rise up? There’s just so much creativity bursting at the seams. 

I am however not a fan of the “us vs them” feeling of tribalism between Console Gamers and PC Gamers. I know some of this is sarcastic and done for humor, but it does seem to strike a nerve with some. I would love to see a feeling of more inclusion for our friends who prefer to game more with controllers. This only represents a minority of people; so it’s not a big issue. 

What’s your most memorable PC building/creating/ or gaming experience?

I used to be a part of a local group of arcade enthusiasts that frequented a local Nickel arcade. We would meet at the arcade on Fridays and game from 5pm until midnight every Friday. We didn’t need an event or reminder, we just showed up. One of my favorite memories is when there were about 30 of us there, and some people decided to bring their home PCs over and set them up inside. We played Duck Game, Nidhogg, VR Games and all sorts of awesome fun steam games all night in between arcade games. This was all totally spontaneous and it felt like we truly had captured lightning in a bottle. 

9. What is your favorite build or part for sale on Jawa right now (yours or another seller’s)? 

I’m a sucker for this one because it’s creative, thinking outside the box to make it look cool, and it’s reusing something that might have been tossed aside! This build would handle most indie games just fine at 1080p. If I were them, I’d probably lower the price a tad, and you’ve got yourself a sale! 🙂 -hdd-256-gb-ssd-windows-10-p-black-and-white-gaming-pc 

We hear you have some hardware dad jokes…can you tell us your favorite? – One day, when I was replying to someone as to why I was late on an email “I’m so sorry, we were testing GPUs and a flock of RTX 3000 series cards escaped. Who knew RTX 3080s could run so fast?!” 

– “As it turns out, AMD processors are not meant to be used as hair combs…” – “Biostar motherboard? More like… I’m a-bio-start-a-fire!” followed by deafening silence.

What feature would you like to see next on Jawa? 

I think it would be awesome for the “Jawa Verified Tested GPU” badge or something. List of GPUs and benchmark scores to compare your own card against.

Thank you to BitRemedy for giving us some insight to the world of electronics recycling and you can check out their store on Jawa for awesome deals on tested parts and systems!

Jawa Verified Seller: MaharliKaps

Aiyuki of MaharliKaps along with some of her favorite caps!

Hi! Welcome back to our Featured Seller series where we interview our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. This week we interviewed Aiyuki of MaharliKaps who has made lots of custom keycaps including an awesome Jawa themed set! Check out her and her listings on Jawa and in the Jawa Discord.

Tell us who you are and how you would describe yourself?

My name is Aiyuki, I am an Artisan Keycap Artist Wannabe. Owner of MaharliKaps. I like games, keyboard & computers. I started making keycaps because I saw that I can’t afford them, so I made one for myself and people told me to sell them, So I did ^^

What do you do in the world of PC building or PC parts & accessories in general? 

I cannot disclose where I work but I work closely with computer hardware. I particularly love keyboards.

When did you start selling on Jawa and how did you find out about us?

07/07/2022, it’s funny cause I think July is always a good Month for me every time I start something big for myself 🙂 I found out about Jawa through Flipping Central Team.

Is this a part time gig, full time job, or hobby for you?

It’s started as a hobby, now if people love my keycaps I can consider this as part time gig and eventually be a full time job if ever that comes in time ^^

How would you describe your style when it comes to your builds(Or items)?

I’d say I like customizing and cutesy stuffs

Are you a Linus Tech Tips or Steve from GN kinda guy?

Hmm not sure, I’m not a fan of youtubers. But if you make me want to choose from either of them I’d say I like Steven from GN.

What’s your most memorable PC building/creating/ or gaming experience? 

Being a clan leader of a big clan in Last Oasis when it first launched.

What is your favorite build or part for sale on Jawa right now (yours or another seller’s)?

Hmmm. there isn’t really a favorite per say, I guess I like photos of BTB & Demonmit1

Who are some people who made a difference to you in this community (Jawa or PC gaming in general)?

All the admins Special mention to flipping central team, RobE for always buying my stuff, Deathe for suggesting the Jawa Keycap and purchasing all the time, and all the mods. 

Favorite Jawa emote?

Jawa Verified Seller: Gaming Workstations & Services

Edwin along with some of his favorite builds!

Hi! Welcome back to our Featured Seller series where we interview our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. Gaming Workstations and Services has had over 50 confirmed transactions on Jawa, making him one on our top sellers. You can find both him and his listings on Jawa and in the Jawa Discord.

Tell us who you are and how you would describe yourself?

My name is Edwin N. Jiménez and I own and operate Gaming Workstations & Services. I graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Automation from Bakersfield College. During my time there, I also acquired some certifications in AutoCAD, AutocadCAD Electrical and Fusion 360 which
are 2D and 3D drafting and modeling softwares. These programs showed me the harsh reality that my $350 AMD A10 HP laptop from Walmart was not up to the task.

My first PC build came as a result of this necessity:
Intel Core i7 2600K // Reference GTX 560 // OCZ 16GB 1600MHz
By the end of my academic AutoCAD career my system was as follows,
Intel core i5 7600K @5.0GHz // Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB // GSkill TridentZ RGB 64GB 3000Mhz

Keep in mind this was for Running AutoCAD and Fusion 360 only, I never had gaming in mind at all. Before that I would only play mobile games on my phone. By the end of college I realized that I had built a pretty powerful “workstation” that just so happened to be an excellent gaming
machine. My current workstation stands as follows: Ryzen 9 5900X // FTW3 RTX 3080 // Vengeance 32GB 3800MHz and I still use it for work with CAD and 3D rendering. Aaaand just so happens to be a really good gaming PC haha!!

What do you do in the world of PC building or PC parts in general? 

In the world of computers, I mainly focus on the budget side of gaming and workstations. I like to build custom pre-built PCs in the sub $1,500 range, though most systems I sell are $500-$1K because that’s a more reasonable price range for the average person. I find that the $600 mark is always the sweet spot for people getting their first system.

I do build high end systems, but those are usually commissions unless I find a killer deal! The most expensive PC I’ve sold is a 5950X // RTX 3090 // Corsair 32GB 4000MHz system during the height of the price craze at $5,800 for an individual that wanted 244FPS 1440p on warzone… The cheapest was definitely an Intel i5 6400T iGPU PC that was sold to a kid that just wanted to watch youtube and do his homework for $100.

When did you start selling on Jawa and how did you find out about us?

I have been a Jawa seller since December 2021 thanks to a quick ad from an OzTalksHW video! Shortly after making an account and posting on Jawa for the first time, I was approached by CEO Amanda with more information about the site and how to become a Verified seller!

Is this a part time gig, full time job, or hobby for you?

I would describe it more like a Full Time Hobby. It started as a way to make a little money to help pay for school, but it is definitely on its way to become a full time job! As time passes, this is getting more and more official for me!

How would you describe your style when it comes to your builds?

In the beginning of my PC flip venture I did not have much of a choice when it came to a theme or style. I simply kept them as clean as they could be!
In the present day, I definitely feel like my builds choose their own style. I keep a lot of parts around, and when I see a theme developing in two or more parts, I build upon that. It could either take a brand uniformity approach or a central color theme.

How do you find the buyers for your builds (if you don’t mind sharing your secrets)?
I started selling on ebay, but that did not last very long. Then moved on to posting locally to Facebook marketplace, offerup and mercari. I definitely started to offer shipping from the very beginning which really helped to
boost sales especially if you don’t live in or around a large city. Not counting local sales, I have shipped over 150 computers to date! I am lucky to live between San Francisco and Sacramento in California which really helped sell tons locally. Today most of my sales come from Instagram DM’s, Jawa and my personal site

Are you a Linus Tech Tips or Steve from GN kinda guy?

I am more of a TechYesCity kind of guy.

What’s your most memorable PC building experience? 

Some years ago, I got my hands on two identical Sapphire Vapor-X cards to replace a tired GTX 560. They are huge cards even for today’s standards. I put them together in crossfire in an i5 7600K @5.0GHz system inside a Phanteks P300 case. It was the craziest, most packed thing I had ever seen. Though I never got it to work, because the second card never worked in the first place. I think I will remember that one forever. Shortly after i got an RX 580 8GB new and sealed for $100 on offerup!!! That card later became the biggest investment of my life thanks to crypto.

What is your favorite build for sale on Jawa right now (yours or another seller’s)? This 11700 // 3070 Ti system from Demonmit1 is one of my favorites on the site at the moment. I am not a big RGB person and this build reminds me a lot of my own.

Favorite Jawa emote?

Jawa Verified Seller: ShoddyTechSupport

ShoddyTech along with some of his favorite builds!

Hi! Welcome back to our Featured Seller series where we interview our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. ShoddyTech Support has been one of the most active members on Jawa and especially in the discord. You can find both him and his listings on Jawa and in the Jawa Discord.

Tell us who you are and how you would describe yourself?

Blunt, weird, hyper…..just ask the wife.

What do you do in the world of PC building or PC parts in general? 

Acquire, build and sell. Lately I have been finding my self wanting to do more ‘experimental things’ for example building a PC case from scratch.

When did you start selling on Jawa and how did you find out about us?

First time stumbling across was on Facebook. Joined the Discord and STALKED. I will admit I was extremely skeptical at first and when creating my account to be a seller, I emailed Jawa. CEO actually responded to the email. So I pushed through. Jawa at the time was still in Beta, and I have been around ever since.

Is this a part time gig, full time job, or hobby for you?

A mix of all of the above. 100% a hobby I purely love building PCs. If I could I would give them away. Part time is time allocated for building  . It becomes a full time with tech support and acquiring parts. I tend to bargain hunt to provide very competitive prices.

How would you describe your style when it comes to your builds?

I try to be a perfectionist. I build every PC with the intention/ idea of if it was my own. I try to do different cases and builds with all the PCs I sell. 

Are you a Linus Tech Tips or Steve from GN kinda guy?

I like to think closer to LTT kinda person. Especially with some of the projects I am doing now. For example Pfsense router/firewall, and building a PC case from scratch.

What’s your most memorable PC building experience? 

The first PC I built for myself.


GPU: XFX 580 8gb

RAM: 16GB 3200 

What is your favorite build for sale on Jawa right now (yours or another seller’s)?

This Pink build by Gaming Workstations!

Unfortunately it’s not my own but I gotta give props to whom it’s deserved.

Who are some people who made a difference to you in this community (Jawa or PC gaming in general)?

Jawa as a whole. Granted more credit go to the founding members, but the community as a whole is making a difference in PC Gaming and Hardware.

Favorite Jawa emote?

Show your Pride with Jawa! Update: Contest Closed and Winners Selected

Celebrate Pride with Jawa! We love that our community has managed to carve out an inclusive space within gaming and we will do all we can to help amplify that.

To celebrate Pride month, we are hosting the Show Your Pride RGB Showcase. Join us by posting a picture of your RGB build to help bring light to the LGBTQ+ community in gaming, and for a chance to win some fun prizes!


Congratulations to Chris Steene for winning first place and taking the Prize! second place went to @ApexAlphaLabs and third place went to @Justinmoss1998, check out their builds here and on the Jawa homepage!

If you missed out this time be sure to sign up to our email list to hear about our upcoming events!

1st place
2nd place
3rd place


Winner: Lian Li Strimers (RGB 24pin+8pin PSU cables a $110 value) and a $75 Jawa giftcard

Top 3: your builds featured on the Jawa homepage!

All entrants: two extra entries in our 3060 giveaway!

We are also offering more entries in our giveaway this month for anyone who donates to Qweerty Gamers, more info at the bottom.

How to Enter

Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community with Jawa!

  1. Make sure your Instagram profile is public! We can’t vote on it if we can’t see it.
  2. Take a photo of your PC or full setup lit up with all the colors of the rainbow.
  3. Upload it to Instagram as a post to your profile, be sure to tag @buildwithJawa in the post and use the hashtag #PridePC (example below)


We will upload the photo submissions to the Jawa Discord

You can vote on the entries between 6/22/22 and 6/24/22 in the RGB Showcase channel which will be created before voting begins.

The photo with the most :rainbow_flag emotes wins the main prize, and the top 3 will get featured on our homepage. Thanks for celebrating Pride with Jawa!

Other ways to show support

For our Giveaway this month we are giving away an RTX 3060, One of the ways to get another entry in that giveaway is to send us a receipt of your donation of any amount to Qweerty Gamers, a non-profit that champions the inclusion & visibility of LGBTQ+ representation in the gaming community.

Jawa Verified Seller: PCsbyThomas

PCs by Thomas, and three of his builds sold on Jawa

Hi! Welcome back to our Featured Seller series where we interview our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. Thomas has been one of the most prolific sellers on Jawa with over twenty sold systems and he currently holds the record for most expensive system sold on Jawa! You can find both him and his listings on Jawa and in the Jawa Discord where he helps out as one of our moderators.

Tell us who you are and how you would describe yourself?

I’m a 21 year old PC enthusiast who loves messing around with random hardware configurations and turned that into a business. I also have an affinity for electric cars and love making content about their features. 

What do you do in the world of PC building or PC parts in general? 

I am a small scale system integrator, who works to get good deals to pass along so other people can benefit from great discounts on computers. 

When did you start selling on Jawa and how did you find out about us?

I started selling on Jawa in November 2021. A friend introduced me to the site. 

Is this a part time gig, full time job, or hobby for you?

It is currently a part time gig, but I’d love to switch it to a full time job if it can sustain that. Although, I’m not sure I have the self motivation for that. I have a different full time job and I’m also working on expanding my Youtube portfolio. 

How would you describe your style when it comes to your builds?

I go for a simple yet elegant appearance to my builds. I love using RGB components because they can be set to whatever the user desires. I feel that some people place too much emphasis on aesthetics over performance. I tend to be performance focused at a given price point, but if clients wish for aesthetic upgrades, I’m always happy to accommodate. 

You have the record for most expensive build sold on Jawa! How do you find the buyers for your builds (if you don’t mind sharing your secrets)?

I list PCs on my facebook business page and Jawa. Over the past few years of being a business, I’ve grown a large facebook following. Not everyone is close enough for me to deliver or meet for the sale so the computer needs to get shipped. When that happens, I run all my sales through Jawa for the convenience and low fees. This allows me to reach a wider audience which I am very grateful for because without Jawa I wouldn’t have the opportunity to ship my computers across the country comfortably. 

Are you a Linus Tech Tips or Steve from GN kinda guy?

I find myself watching LTT more, but I am currently wearing merch from both of them. I’ve bought significant amounts of merch from both of them. 

What’s your most memorable PC building experience? 

I can’t single any out honestly. They all have their own little quirks and I’ve had a lot of fun building them all. 

What is your favorite build for sale on Jawa right now (yours or another seller’s)?

Project SnowWhite. I loved working with the all white components and as stated before, I don’t tend to drive deeply into aesthetics so it was fun to go the opposite route on this build.

Project SnowWhite

Who are some people who made a difference to you in the PC community?

My parents – they first had a computer built for me when I was three and helped me get many laptops through the years. They’ve helped me flourish with my online interests such as gaming or streaming and supported my business ideas. 

Favorite Jawa emote?