Jawa Fee Update

Dear Jawa Sellers, 

At Jawa, we’re focused on building the best place for you to sell your gear, build your business, and connect with other gamers. We’ve seen fantastic traction since launching just over a year ago. To keep up with our growing marketplace, we’ve invested in many features to make the Jawa experience better for buyers and sellers, including:

  • Helping you sell your gear through paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and sharing featured listings with our large email database
  • Limiting sellers’ fraud exposure by investing in premium features to evaluate fraud risk on every attempted payment
  • Building a seamless shipping experience with prepaid shipping labels and tracking
  • Staffing a best-in-class customer support team dedicated to your success
  • Launching Affirm so that buyers have access to products from a wider price range through payment financing

In the coming months, we plan to make significant additional investments in marketing, on-site experience, seller tools, and customer support so that we can continue to make Jawa the go-to destination for gamers to find their gear. 

To support this goal, on December 7 we will increase our selling fee from 3.5% to 6% and remove the $50 cap on this fee. There will continue to be an additional 3% for payment processing, which includes Affirm financing when applicable. You can see our full updated Fees and Payments policy in our terms of service.

We don’t take fee changes lightly and arrived at this decision carefully, but view it as a necessary step to invest in the success of our sellers and community, which are the core of our business. We believe we still offer the best value in the market, and that with your help Jawa will continue to be a trusted and growing marketplace.

As mentioned above, this change will come with additional benefits to sellers. Some of our upcoming plans include:

  • Holiday marketing campaigns to drive more traffic and sales to your stores during the hottest shopping period of the year
  • Prizes and rewards for top sellers
  • Additional seller analytics to help you glean insights and grow your business 
  • Integration with Google shopping to provide more visibility to your items
  • Improvements to buyer search and discoverability on our site
  • Growing our team that supports you and your buyers

Thank you for making Jawa a one of a kind marketplace. We wouldn’t be here without you.

CEO, Jawa

Boutique PC Builders are Saving the Planet

Gaming PC by Boot PC

The impact of a Gaming PC

There are a million reasons to buy your next gaming PC from a boutique builder, not the least of which is supporting small businesses and fellow gamers. One of the less obvious benefits of buying from boutique builders is reducing your carbon footprint.

In some ways, factory-built gaming PCs and those sold by boutique builders have exactly the same environmental impact. Both use the same parts that are made of the same materials, and both consume the same amount of electricity during use. The most immediate and obvious differences in environmental costs come from shipping and facilities.

When you buy a new gaming PC from a big brand, chances are that PC was put together in a factory in China. In order for that PC to get to your gaming room, it had to travel overseas and then across the country, which cost energy and fuel along the way. The factory itself also costs energy just to keep the lights on during building and testing.

With a boutique builder, they only have to ship the PC from their home to yours, and can almost entirely cut out the step of overseas shipping. The big caveat is if the boutique builder is buying all brand new parts to use in the build. In that case, the environmental cost of getting those parts from overseas evens things out. Even in that extreme case of a builder ordering all brand new parts, they are still saving energy by building in their home using that heating and electricity instead of in a factory warehouse.

Check out the napkin math below of how much carbon dioxide equivalent is saved for a typical gaming PC built by a boutique seller vs. a big brand:

Carbon Produced in Shipping & LogisticsCarbon Produced by the facility during Building & TestingCarbon SavedGaming Hours Offset
Factory PC150 kg CO2e106 kg CO2e
Boutique PC built with all brand new parts150 kg CO2e6 kg CO2e100 kg CO2e189
Boutique PC built with all second hand parts10 kg CO2e6 kg CO2e240 kg CO2e453
Boutique PC with brand new GPU, CPU, and RAM (Everything else second hand)20 kg CO2e6 kg CO2e230 kg CO2e434
Shipping & logistics estimates are based on factory distance to buyer of 6500 miles (overseas) and boutique distance to buyer of 1000 miles (ground).

In other words, by buying a gaming PC from a boutique builder instead of from a factory, you are saving the equivalent of 230 kg of carbon dioxide. That’s enough to offset four people completing Elden Ring (or, you completing Elden Ring four times…)

These carbon savings estimates are extraordinarily conservative. With a boutique builder using second hand parts, they are also saving energy and resources by keeping a new part from being manufactured AND by keeping the old part out of the recycling system.

Looking to support boutique PC builders and lower your carbon footprint? Find gaming PCs from small sellers on Jawa >

The impact of just one GPU

If you build or upgrade your own gaming PC, you’ve probably already considered a second hand GPU. They save you money, and have often been the best option over the past few years with the hardware shortage. The environmental impact of buying second hand is fairly straightforward: you are saving the energy and waste that would have gone into making a new GPU while also saving the energy it would have taken to recycle the old one. Those numbers can add up quickly to a large impact.

In 2021, NVIDIA shipped over 9 million GPUs. During that time, they reported emissions of more than 2 million tonnes of CO2, which includes things like electricity, heating, purchased goods and employee commuting.

That works out to a rough average of 215 kg CO2 equivalent produced per GPU. In other words, getting a second hand GPU saves enough carbon to offset 115 hours of PC gaming!

Find a second hand GPU from a verified seller on Jawa >

Jawa is here to help!

Like most in the PC building community, we’ve been aware of the apparent collapse at Artesian Builds (as detailed pretty comprehensively in PC Gamer). Obviously, it’s a disaster for the employees, streamers and others who relied on the company. And it’s bad news for everyone in PC building – as a community, we are all affected by this kind of fall out. 

But we’re not here to talk about what went wrong. We’re here to help.

If you are affected by Artesian – if you worked for the company, if you were looking to them as a streamer for promos, if you were counting on getting an order from them, if you were building for them, whatever it may be  – contact me at Amanda@jawa.gg to see if there’s some way we can work together. 

We need to grow our company and get our message in front of more builders and gamers. We’re looking for ways to work with streamers, builders, sellers and others – which means we might have opportunities that could help you if you’ve found yourself in a tough spot. 

There’s a number of possibilities of that could make sense. Write me and we can talk. Let’s see if there’s some way we can work together.

Jawa Trade Talk 08/17/21

Fan-made render (Image Source: u/Shockwave98 on Reddit)
Is it just me or are these Jawa colors?

LHR Gets Hacked

  • It was only a matter of time, but bad news on this one today. LHR GPUs have been hacked to increase their effectiveness to 70%, meaning some of the cards meant to be kept out of miner hands will very soon be on the menu for them. 


  • AMD released a huge stash of CPUs into stock in various places, so much so that they pushed the market back to MSRP for some of them. Now please do it for GPUs.

Noctua Everything

Gigabyte PSU Recall

  • Gigabyte are offering a return and exchange on the GP-P850GM: S/N From SN20343G031011 to SN20513G022635 and GP-P750GM: S/N From SN20243G001301 to SN20453G025430 due to a high “catastrophic failure” rate. If you own one of these PSUs, I’d get on that before accidentally torching your build.

Jawa’s 3080 Giveaway

***giveaway closed as of 9/3. Congratulations Yams for winning!!!***

Jawa is a new marketplace for PC enthusiasts to buy and sell their parts and builds.

As a growing startup, we want to flood our site with great parts to become THE go-to destination for PC parts and builds. We need your help getting there, and there’s nothing like a giveaway to put the wheels in motion. In case you’re new here, we have amazing buyer and seller protections and have amazing members of our community. Take a look at our Discord to see for yourself.

How it works:
List now until September 3 for the chance to win a 3080!
–List your parts or builds for sale on Jawa for the chance to win a EVGA FTW3 RTX 3080!
–Each item you list valued > $100* = 1 chance to win
–GPUs, CPUs, and full builds = 2 chances to win

Why you should list with us
–We are a marketplace by and for the PC enthusiast community and want you to be a part of it!
–We are not charging ANY fees during the beta, and are even covering the Stripe payment fee for you
–We have great buyer and seller protections, so you can sell or shop risk free

How to list
–Go to jawa.gg
–Create an account
–Click the “List a Part” button in the top right corner of the homepage

What to list
Our mission is to get good parts in the hands of real PC enthusiasts at fair prices. We also want you to make money, so please only list parts that people will want to buy (no scrap please), at fair prices (no scalping). If your listing doesn’t meet these standards we may remove the listing, but we will reach out to you first. 

What next?
–Team Jawa will review the listings and count up the entries for all parts listed by September 3
–The winner will be announced on September 10 on our Jawa Community Discord

Start Listing

If you have questions or need pricing suggestions, please chat with us on Discord!

Jawa Trade Talk 08/12/21

AMD killing it

  • AMD reported a 99% growth in year over year earnings, an impressive leap for the already huge company. Will this help us average gamers by promoting more competition between the giants?

DDR5 Mass Production

  • SK Hynix will officially be the first to start mass producing DDR5 RAM, so let the race begin! They will be starting mass production before the end of the year, so enthusiasts can start stocking up while they wait for compatible motherboards.

ASUS removing Windows 11 headaches

  • ASUS motherboards that need it will be receiving a BIOS firmware update to enable TPM by default, a requirement for Windows 11. This is a capability in may of their motherboards currently as well as in a ton of CPUs. The problem is that you have to manually turn it on in the current iteration. Info here

Intel Alder Pond?

  • Expect the launch of the Intel Alder Lake launch to be quite lean. It seems that the company is having issues getting more than the K and KF chipsets going in the short term, with the rest not arriving until next year.

A big announcement: we’re open for business

Big news Jawas!

We’re opening the Jawa Beta to *everyone*. We’re not charging any seller fees and we’re covering all payment processing during the first few months, so get in here: you can make more money with us right now than anywhere else!

Almost a year ago we set out to build a better marketplace for PC enthusiasts. We were tired of the inefficiencies and frustrations of the current marketplace options and of course we’d had run-ins with scalpers and scammers. We spent many months building Jawa so PC enthusiasts could buy and sell good parts from honest people at fair prices.

For the past two months, we’ve been testing our site with real people, finding bugs, connecting buyers and sellers, and serving our first happy customers. We knew we weren’t the only ones who wanted something better, but we didn’t realize just HOW fast the community would grow. Through the collective power of our Jawas we proved:

  • Yes, people WILL sell their graphics card at MSRP if they know its getting into the hands of a real gamer or enthusiast (we heard a lot of skepticism on this, but it’s true…it really is!). 
  • The community wants to be central to the building process, not just a customer using a finished product. The dozens of bugs reported, features requested, and feedback given through our Discord server make this really a group-built product (well, you guys can take credit for all the stuff that works, at least).
  • PC enthusiasts are generous and social! It’s about more than just logging onto a website and making a purchase. They want to know who they’re buying from or selling to, and want to help other builders by answering questions in our Discord #tech-support channel, or showing off their rigs

We would love your support

Now that we’ve tested and refined our site, we’re ready to open up our platform and community in a big way. We want Jawa to be THE destination for PC enthusiasts to buy and sell their parts and builds, and we need your help getting there. 

Buy with us

Click here to browse our sellers’ incredible wares. New marketplaces take time for supply to grow, so please log on, give us feedback, and check back often…we are always onboarding new sellers!

Sell with us

We’re really looking for Jawas to list and sell on our platform. During the Beta we are not charging ANY transaction fees, are covering the Stripe fee for you, and offer unbeatable seller protections. You’re going to make more money selling on Jawa than you will anywhere else in the next few months (because we’re not charging fees). We want to win you over and make ourselves your go-to place to sell. So please list with us.

I look forward to helping you buy and sell!

CHECK OUT JAWA NOW: https://www.jawa.gg

Yours in parts,

Jawa Amanda

08/04/21 Jawa Trade Talk

More love for the low end

  • Very much still a rumor – there is a possibility of AMD Radeon RX6700, RX6500XT, NVIDIA RTX 3050 and 3050Ti cards all launching before the end of the year. Very much still rumors, but could add inventory to lower end cards for people interested.

No way, reasonable MSRP?

  • In the same vein, RX6600XT and RX6600 prices have leaked. Releasing August 11th, the XT will retail for $349 and the other for $299. Info here.

The people get a W

  • Right to repair gets approved! No more will farmers have to hack their own John Deere tractors, the FTC will be re-writing the book on repairing your own devices.

Hand-me-down mining cards?

  • If you were thinking the crackdown on mining operations across the globe could be your opportunity to snag a great GPU for cheap, think again. Research is showing surprisingly fast degradation of these cards – so purchase at your own (very high) risk.

First DDR5, now PCIe 5.0

  • Expect to see PCIe 5.0 SSDs coming out as soon as next year, with the speeds of 4.0 being essentially used to its fullest potential at this point and the updating of motherboards already being on the docket.

7/30/21 Jawa Beta Technical Update: Messages, shipping, and more listings!

It’s all coming together…

Greetings! As promised, here’s our weekly Jawa Beta update to keep you posted on all things happening behind the scenes with our fellow Jawas working around the clock! A couple big things our devs have been working on this week:

Here’s what’s changed:

  • When you have a message you should see a red notification next to the menu (your profile image)
  • All messages should be in the Inbox. Before, some were in my listings and some were in inbox…if it didn’t make sense then you understood it perfectly 😉 
  • When the message is about a part you are selling, it should say (Your Listing)
  • You will receive an email from chat@jawa.gg to let you know if an unread message is waiting for you 

So head to Jawa and check it out! Who knows…there might be unopened deals waiting in your inbox… 

Shippo Integration is so close!
Less clunky processes + we’re adding shipping estimates!!

Shippo is a shipping service we are integrating with Jawa that will enable a better experience for buyers and sellers. Buyers will be able to estimate shipping cost based on location, and track the status of their order in Jawa. Sellers will be able to print a label from home and won’t need to manually send us the tracking information anymore.

Our developers have been working hard to get this up and running and hit a big milestone this week: we tested the new checkout flow with Shippo on our staging website, printed a label, and sent a test shipment…and it worked!!! Now we’re working out front-end design and copy changes. Hoping this can be rolled out in the next few weeks!

More parts are coming:
We have hit the pause button on onboarding new sellers since we’re so close to rolling out these big changes (thanks for your patience!). Once the new shipping flow is live we plan to open up Jawa further and do a big push for listings, which will likely involve a 30 series giveaway 👀. Stick around!

Happy building,
Jawa Amanda

7/21/21 Jawa Trade Talk

Hey Jawas! Here’s your PC hardware news for the week. It’s crazy times we’re livin in…

This is hard to watch

  • In the theme of crackdowns all over the world on bitcoin mining operations – Malaysia charged eight people for stealing electricity to power a mining operation involving over one thousand PCs, apparently a common trend in the country these days. They then posted a video of the destruction of said PCs. Worry not – not all countries are destroying the parts! This is an oddly satisfying watch, though. (HEADPHONE WARNING)

Amazon being an asshole? Why are we not surprised…

  • The closed beta for Amazon’s New World has gone live,and players who have systems equipped with RTX 3090 graphics cards are having their gaming rigs ruined when playing the upcoming MMORPG. More here

Thanks for the submission, TopoX!

Chagall rumors

  • Rumors are starting up about the newest AMD Threadripper line. Codenamed “Chagall” currently, it is supposedly launching in August. The Threadripper line is a favorite of extreme overclockers and should have a very high demand in the high-end gaming crowds. More info here

Sights set on MSRP

  • On July 20th, Best Buy had massive lines at many locations for their in-store drops of 30-series cards. This should hopefully create some supply at reasonable prices since bots can’t swipe them, and our very own user Amélie got themselves a 3060ti! A welcome bright spot after a bad experience through eBay. Soon enough it will be through Jawa instead 🙂